~ Sick day card samples


Hmmm…is it just me or is the stolen time when you’re home sick from work a perfect time to make/post stuff?  Sure, I should probably be laying in bed sleeping but nah (I’ll just sit in the bed instead)!  Here are the latest – my samples for a card buffet mini social that I will be doing in March at work.  I may end up changing my mind altogether and using different samples but these are the ones I’m thinking I’ll use for now.

Stuff:  All materials are Stampin’ Up!  (Handstamped by Lea Sanders, Images © Stampin’ Up! 2008)


8 thoughts on “~ Sick day card samples

  1. I was home sick from school yesterday and I actually made about half a dozen cards! I know what you mean about sick days. I think craft therapy is better then any medicine.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the cards. I just got two packs of bali breeze and you’ve inspired me. I like the paper from the Occasions mini also — I can hardly wait for summer!

  2. I am really impressed with al ur talent and project. I espeically like the vidoe of u and the other ladies!

  3. Awesome work! Have been sick for three days and haven’t felt like being creative…Maybe tommorrow:)

  4. I’m impressed that this is what you can do when you’re sick. What do you do when you’re not sick! These are amazing!

  5. you have an amazing talent. each project I view is more amazing than the other. I just had to compliment you on each LOL

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