~ Card Buffet Mini Social

I got some of the ladies together for a lunchtime get together a la Donna Salazar’s Card Buffet video blog from Leah Fung’s website.  I didn’t film any of the actual class, just the intro, a few pix thrown in and the ladies saying hello to the camera.  (I was nervous and forgot about half of the stuff I was going to say…oh well, my first effort!)  My hubby tells me I looked “pinched.”  Yes, I must admit, I was not relaxed and the shot of me wasn’t the first take.

Now you know what I look and sound like, not nearly as polished as Leah, Johanna and Donna! =)

Thanks to my gracious co-workers for letting me film them while creating their card buffet creations.


10 thoughts on “~ Card Buffet Mini Social

  1. You dont look “pinched” – puh-leez! – and there isnt anything really wrong with the clip. Sure, the editing could be polished-up a bit, but all that will come with experience. Keep it up – no mater what, pictures are still worth a thousand words. The videos will get better and better.

  2. Hi Lea!!!
    I loved your card class video! You did great! I didn’t think you looked all that nervous, personally. Besides, you’re so cute who cares if it wasn’t a professional movie shoot. It was fun and that’s the important thing. 🙂


  3. Okay-I’ve just added your blog to my bookmarks of “Scrap Pro’s”. You’re right in there with Leah, Donna, Johanna, Ali Edwards, etc. Trust me-you belong there!

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