~ Flowers, flowers everywhere


Here are a few flowers I’ve snapped this past week.  There would have been more but the weather hasn’t cooperated the last few days.  I’ve really been neglecting my photography lately.  I hope to take some really great pictures soon to share.



8 thoughts on “~ Flowers, flowers everywhere

  1. I am SO missing DC these days! And some friends have just visited for the Cherry Blossom Festival or 8th grade trips. Sigh… maybe next year I’ll make it over. I just love sitting on the steps of TJ’s memorial and watching the sunset and all the people and all the beautiful cherry blossoms. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I’ve been back! Then again, it feels like more than that!

    Hugs to all!

  2. I’ve just visited your blog… you are a very good scrapper and photographer!!!

    We have the same passions!!!

    I’ll add it on my favorites and I’ll often visit your blog!

    Sorry for my english! 😉

  3. visiting your blog i can see a lot of paper crafting works here.
    all so well done and unique.

    your spring flowers look gorgeous! waiting for the sun to come over here in my southern dutch valley…

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