~ Strawberries, anyone?

I took a little time out from paper projects to do a food project with my little boy.  He helped dry the strawberries and dipped a few in sprinkles after I dipped them in chocolate.  Yum!

Sorry you couldn’t be here to partake in all the strawberry and chocolate goodness but here is a photo to drool by. =)


17 thoughts on “~ Strawberries, anyone?

  1. mmmmmm…..followed you here from the fiskars site Lea! Hey….I have a picture just like this on my blog….lol. Have a great day!!!

  2. Hi, Lea 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my blog. care to link up? 🙂 btw, what is it with strawberries? i’ve been drooling since i saw some over at kelly purkey’s blog (also dipped in chocolate) and now i have to drool some more after seeing yours. LOL!!! 🙂 yummm. might have to get some later (along with melting chocolate)… to hell with calories… hihihi 🙂

  3. Hi Lea! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I have just been spending time on yours and you are one very talented girl! Love your projects!

  4. Wow do they look good. I bought one at the mall this weekend yes, it was expensive but I am not allowed to have them now but I figured one at the mall and I am going back to being good!

  5. Those look totally delicious! I can’t believe you didn’t invite me over to share….LOL

  6. Lea if there is one person in the crafting world who should have no qualms about submitting their work for publication it is you. Major companies should be fighting over signing you on!

  7. hi, lea!
    thanks for dropping by my blog! it sure feels great to know another pinay out there. I must say I love, love, love your projects! and you’re so cool to be one of the fiskateers 🙂 will link you up, okay? take care!

  8. Hi Lea, thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I love your works!!
    I’m glad we can share the same experience with Italian politics…and especially politicians…I’m very sad for the results of the elections =(
    Anyway, let’s keep in touch, I’d be happy to know you better. Ciao!!

  9. Bonjour Lea
    Stawberries and chocolate are certainly very good,
    And thanks for your visit on my blog, J don’t speak very well english but I undestand what you say, do you undestand french please.

    Friendly JOAN

  10. Hi lea,
    wow your projects are wunderful!
    Where do you life?
    I am from Germany – and I have a list wiht scraper from the world too – I am happy when you visit my blog too!
    Greetings Kwebbel

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