~ Happy Earth Day!

We celebrated Earth Day by planting two little pine trees and paying a visit to the local nursery to check out the flowers.  Thankfully I was able to snap a few pictures of the gorgeous colors at the nursery. =)  It’s funny, I don’t ever receive flowers.  My no-frills Filipino mother always told me that flowers die, so why get them?  (Aw, mom, but I like flowers!) 

Anyway, to compensate for my “lack of flowers,” I love taking pictures of them.  It seems that flowers have taken over my blog this early spring! =)  My hubby tells me I like to take pictures of still objects because it takes so long for me to snap each shot.  Yeah, I guess that’s true.  I take my time and deliberate just about every shot.  (Heaven forbid we’re in a hurry!)

The hands in the pot are those of my hubby and my 9 year old son.  I’ve never really been good with plants but I’m hoping these little pine trees make it.


7 thoughts on “~ Happy Earth Day!

  1. hi lea! thanks for hopping by my site.

    i also love photography and once won in a contest sponsored by kodak. are you also into scrapbooking? these 2 hobbies are so addicting! 😆

    lets exchange links. i put all my online blogger friends’ links via bloglines.com so it’s easier for me to check who updated their blogs. 🙂

  2. Hi Lea! Loved your Blog especially your Mini Book! Thanks also for dropping by my blog and for appreciating my work.


  3. hi, lea!

    thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 love the mini-album. oh, btw, the “Gamitin Mo Today” doesn’t have any archive. it gets overwritten every week 🙂 but do check back often, ha! 🙂

  4. Great shot.. My DH would never do that just to take a picture.. even though he loves to help me in my flower garden sometimes.. I love your blog Lea…

  5. I too love flowers and my husband use to say the same thing as your mom but after many years I have changed his mind. It is nice having something living in the house even for a just a few days.

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