~ Picnic Time!

I’m the lucky girl who makes the flyers for our Social Committee/Morale, Welfare & Recreation events at work.  (Imagine that, me?  On a Social Committee?  Oh yeah…)  Though I don’t have any super-duper graphics software at the workplace, I make do with no-frills PowerPoint.  Our chair asked for several posters with the same info.  (I have to admit this guilty pleasure–I soooo love seeing my work poster-size.  I drool and paw at my posters everytime I pass them at work!) 

Here are the three posters I made to advertise our Summer Picnic.  Leave me a comment and let me know which one of the three is your favorite. =)

Flyer #1 (my favorite)

Flyer #2 (lazy island flyer)

Flyer #3 (color-blindness eye test)


3 thoughts on “~ Picnic Time!

  1. I like #3 – but they are all nice!

    Have a fun time at the gardens, hopefully it won’t be too bad for you and your nose. But I know what your saying, the cold/allergies I have right now are not fun at all. Maybe you might want to take a clothes pin with you just in case. lol

    Miss chatting with ya! Hopefully will chat soon.

  2. I like the 1st too but the white writing for the food is easier to read on the 2nd.

    Don’t you love it when you get to use your creative talent at work?!

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