~ Woo-hoo! I won the Lil’ Davis Designs Photo Contest!

Let me tell you, I’ve been entering for months now but none of my pictures were good enough. 

Finally, a subject I could have a fair shake in – FLOWERS (wouldn’t you know it!)  I won the May contest and just found out by looking on the Lil’ Davis Designs site a few minutes ago!  Hooray!  I’m so excited. =)

Here is the pic that won.  Lil’ Davis Designs link – http://www.lildavisdesigns.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=18&Itemid=66


22 thoughts on “~ Woo-hoo! I won the Lil’ Davis Designs Photo Contest!

  1. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS !!! You deserve it big time! Woo Hoo! You are such a talented and creative lady!

    Love the photo! Gorgeous! You take amazing photographs!

    Congrats again and Hugs!

  2. Congratulations!!!

    That photo is simply gorgeous!!!
    Well done! 🙂

    Tracy Fiskateer #4168

  3. Lea,

    Congrats………beautiful photo. You have the most lovely flower photos and you certainly deserved the win!

  4. I heard that you won and I am excited for you! I love when the Wisteria starts blooming here in Virginia each spring. It smells great and looks incredible. CONGRATS.

  5. Congratulations!

    That photo is AWESOME!

    Hope you are feeling better – I think I am finally getting over the sickies here. We will have to chat soon. I only have one more busy week then I’m going to be finally on summer break and have lots of free time. I cannot wait for that.

    take care

  6. Congratualtions, your photo is beautiful.
    (Now I know where to look while trying to learn)

  7. Congratulations, Lea!
    Your photo is really beautiful! You really deserved to win this contest! Another thing is that I have to thank you for your comments on my blog! May I link you? Well, infact, I’ve already done that! 😉

  8. Congrats on your win! I am trying to win the contest for this month. Lov your wisteria, that one must be 10+ years old to be that large & full of blooms.
    good luck on the 10,000 count too!
    L – Virginia, US

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