~ If you’re ever in Las Vegas…

…and need a LSS fix, I recommend the following locations:

The ladies at Majestic Memories are very nice and invited me back for a Rusty Pickle (love Rusty Pickle stuff!) class sometime close to the holidays.  They had a good variety of different products and several items I had not seen before specifically for the Bind-it-All.  Lots of acrylic and alterable items there, too.  I’ll be sure to visit again when I’m back in LV for Christmas.

Scrappin’ Time was a pleasure to visit.  This was not my first time there and they still had me in their computer from when I visited them when I lived in Italy several years ago.  They had an extensive selection of Heidi Grace, Cloud 9, Lil’ Davis Designs and Kimberly Poloson.  There was so much, in fact, that I could not settle on any one collection today so I’ll have to go back again before I return home.

I visited another store called the JulieJane Paper Co.  Though it was a cute little store, I didn’t find anything there that really jumped out at me today.  The fourth store on my marathon LSS search today doesn’t seem to exist anymore.  That one was called Scrapbook Creations.  

Well, just a few more days here in Las Vegas and then I’ll be home!  I’ll post again when I’m back in Virginia. =)


3 thoughts on “~ If you’re ever in Las Vegas…

  1. Thanks for the info on Vegas LSS………my mom lives near laughlin so we head out there often & my dh loves the casino’s but I can only take so much of that so will have him drop me off LOL! Great site here & I love your projects!!!

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