~ Home Sweet Home

  ~ desert flowers in my brother’s front yard ~


I’m home, I’m home, I’m home!  I loved visiting with my parents, brothers and their families but there really is no place like home.  I left my daughter in Las Vegas with my parents for the summer, so I’m one child short right now.  So glad to be back with the hubby and my little boy. 

So, what were the Top 5 things I did while I was on vacation in Las Vegas this past week?  

  1. I had dinner with an old friend from post high school era and took really goofy photos of us.
  2. Stayed at my parents’ house and ate and ate and ate, relaxed, sang really bad karaoke and taught the families how to Cupid Shuffle (hee hee).
  3. Went in search of LSS’s in the Las Vegas area.
  4. Went to Red Rock Canyon.
  5. Took lots and lots of pictures!  Speaking of which — here are my favorite pictures from the trip. 

~ My friend, Michael Sanft, with my daughter Miranda–Isn’t he a cutie? ~

~ Fireworks that were launched around my parents’ house on July 4th, and my nieces and nephew “glow-sticking in the dark” ~


~ my parents, brothers’ kids and my daughter ~


 ~ Red Rock Canyon ~

I hope to get back on the project-making this weekend. =)


12 thoughts on “~ Home Sweet Home

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  2. Why you are not on a design team somewhere is beyond me-superlative photographer and craft person. Does Fiskars have a design team-maybe you should start close to home so to speak. All the Fiskies could launch a campaign to get you chosen!

  3. I will second the cute “ness” factor on this Michael. Whoa what a hottie! hee hee

    It sure look like you had a fabulous time on vacation. Glad you made it back home safely.

    Oh and love the Beth W. comment, above mine. She is so right on that one.

    chat soon

  4. Dear Lea

    I love yours photos !!! and your scrap !!! It’s wonderfull, it’s colored !!! When I’ll grow up, I want to be a good scrappers girl like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lot of kissss
    Tomorrow (European Hours) I speak about you in my blog.

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