~ And the winners are…

Thanks all for coming by my blog and leaving wonderful comments to celebrate my 10,000th blog post!  Jacob, my little helper, is here to show you who the recipients of the RAKS are.  Drumroll, please… 

 Ms. Fiskateer Kerri, #1017 and Ms. Fiskateer Marla, #3291 
Hooray!  Please PM me your full names and addresses soon and I will get mail your RAKs in the next week or so.  Thanks all for participating. =)

7 thoughts on “~ And the winners are…

  1. Congrats to the winners! Have fun with your goodies!

    Lea…you may have given a wrong link on the board..it didn’t work for me anyway…but I knows where you live 🙂 LOL

  2. woooo! thanks for picking me, i will PM you my addy ! i just told the other half that i won & his answer is where are all the competitions on winning a new tv ? LOL thanks again Kerri 1017 !:)

  3. just to report, lea that i recieved the awesome cute little album ! the extra rak inside was so adorable, gona have to hide it away from the miss almost 8 yrs, as she’s just as much a paper hoarder as me hehehe ! xoxoxoxo MWAH

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