~ Do you love Italy?

Being that I lived in Italy for 4 years, I couldn’t help trying this one out – unabellavista.com (translated means – a beautiful view).  This is a cute Italy widget I found when I was updating my Facebook.  This widget gives you daily photos, recipes and a language lesson. 

[clearspring_widget title=”Do you love Italy?” wid=”48651277124b2c2e” pid=”48831c3fdab83437″ width=”415″ height=”293″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]


One thought on “~ Do you love Italy?

  1. Hi, Lea 🙂 read over at Valerie’s blog that you got to eat Goldlilocks mamon and polvoron during your trip to Vegas. 🙂 yum-O! 🙂 i love the pinipig polvoron!!! 🙂

    love the Halloween album, btw. just got my own threading water punch and i am sooooo in love. planning to get more border punches if i can. 🙂


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