~ What a looooonnnnggg day…

{Click on each photo for a closer look.}

This morning I had it in my mind that we would visit the National Geographic Museum in D.C.  Well…we ended up in the opposite direction and went to George Washington’s birthplace way down south instead.  It was hot and the grounds around the house were pretty dry but I managed to get a few decent shots. 


Afterwards, we stopped by for some Lil’ Davis Designs embellishments at Scrapdoodles in Fredericksburg.  Guess what greeted me at the door to the store?  Of all things, a duck!  The ladies in the store told me that “Sally” comes up all the time, sometimes with ducklings and daddy duck, but this time she was alone.  Oh, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the motorcycles.  They were so shiny!


4 thoughts on “~ What a looooonnnnggg day…

  1. Fabulous photos! You do get some pretty photos, now this might happen for me, if I would remember the camera. LOL

    Hey, I am now officially a fiskateer, that would be #4710!

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