~ Round and round

I knew today was going to be a pretty day–perfect for taking blue sky photos.  We ventured to Aldie and Middleburg, VA, towards the wineries and grist mill.  We stopped at the Chrysalis Winery first and bought a bottle of ice wine.  I’m not a wine-lover, so to speak, but sweet is always good.  My usual question is, “Does it taste like Kool-Aid?”  Yeah, I like it that sweet.  My friends joke that I should just buy Boone’s! 

The mills and granary date back to the 1800s.  The large mill with the water wheels was restored but the smaller one in the foreground (above) is an 1800s original.  Today was a corn-grinding demonstration day.  Pretty cool if you’re into how things worked in the 1800s. 

Notice a common shape in my pictures today?  It was all about the circle.  How many people do you know get excited about a recurring shape motif?

I need to work on not forcing my kids to pose for pictures.  They so dislike when I bring my camera on trips.


6 thoughts on “~ Round and round

  1. What a beautiful pictures!
    The place is so quiet….
    The last time I was in Washington……..in 1991, and I love it, I love the museums, The Smithsonian!

  2. hehe my kids are the same!! Although still too young to care all that much and still mostly enjoy posing!! These are fantastic Pics!! I love all the circles!

  3. Don’t worry, most of the times, stolen shots turns out better than the posed ones. Wonderful photos Lea, reminds me of Tim Holtz’s sprocket gears. Love it!

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