~ Part 2 – Early Start on Christmas Gifts

I realized last week that the pretty girly Post-It Note holders I made a few posts down probably won’t go over very well with the men in my office.  I work in a pretty sizable directorate–about 20 of us when we’re all there and without added interns running around.  Here is my solution to the girly note holders, a somewhat more manly black-white-cranberry themed clipboard-like note holder, complete with color-coordinated binder clips.

The chipboard I used are actually Bind-it-All covers.  I re-purposed them to serve as the backs of make-shift “clipboards”.  The awesome binder clips are available in bulk at Staples.  You can pick and choose different styles of clips and fill a container ($5.99 for the small or $9.99 for the large).

Click here for Part 1 (or page down a few entries) – Early Start on Christmas Gifts

Stuff:  chipboard – Bind-it-All; patterned paper – Foof-a-La; cardstock and ribbon – Stampin’ Up!; binder clips – Staples


9 thoughts on “~ Part 2 – Early Start on Christmas Gifts

  1. I just love these, and the girly post-it note ones down the page! I just bought a clipboard on the weekend to play around with and now you’ve given me a great idea!! Love everything you make Lea!!

  2. What a wonderful gift these would be! Are you sure they wouldn’t like the girly post it notes…hee hee

    Way to get started on those gifts. I should be smart to do things like this. wink!

  3. Lea, I love this idea. So creative. I used to make handmade gifts for my co-workers, but being a SAHM, hummm, I don’t have co-workers to make gifts for. Maybe I could do a few for my hubby’s!!!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love to see your creative projects.

  4. Oh My Lea ! We must have the same fantastic taste ! (smile)
    I bought those binder clips in staples in the uk about 2 months ago !!! ( i got the little funky small ones too !!!) great to see them in use ( ive yet to use mine !)

    Fantastic pressies there lea , they are fabby !

  5. Loving these Lea, funnily enough i’ve just finished a post raving about your work on my blog! 🙂

    Love the colours on the boards, an easy make i can pass on to my kids.

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