~ Clipboards x 3 (and what the heck is up with these shoes?)

{Click on each little photo to see more details.}

I saw these unfinished clipboards in various sizes at the local A.C. Moore’s and couldn’t resist.  There are dowels in the backs of each so that you can prop them up, or you can hang on the wall, or use as regular clipboards.  I wish the lighting had been better when I took these photos.  It was cloudy all day but I couldn’t wait any longer for the sun to come out to take some decent photos of these embellished clipboards!

This paper collection and matching embellishments jumped out at me at the store.  I love that some of the papers are flocked while others are foiled. 



I had to post this.  My daughter came home from vacation with my parents and brought home these shoes!  Aaack!  My eyes are bleeding, these shoes are so bright.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bright colors but on her shoes?



P.S.  Happy Birthday to my daughter, Miranda – August 29.    

Stuff:  paper collection and various stickers – K & Company; ribbon – Costco; ink – Stampin’ Up!; gems – Doodlebug


12 thoughts on “~ Clipboards x 3 (and what the heck is up with these shoes?)

  1. Those clipboards are so cute I would never be able to use them so I am glad you can hang they up.

    The shoes are cool and I think she gets her love of color from her Mom!

    Happy Birthday to Miranda I hope all your drams come true!

  2. Happy Birthday to Miranda, and congrats to all the family!!!
    The clipboards are lovely, I like those colours, and the shoes, WOWWWW!!!!, I’m not young but I can use them, really!!!
    Kisses from Israel.

  3. Hi Lea! Very cool stuff here!
    Saying hi right back at ya. I am insanely busy right now, but do want to thank you for all the goodies you’ve been sending me in FB.
    Hugs chickie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Miranda!! LOVE the shoes — so fun!! I was just thinking today how I haven’t been back to DC in over two years… I miss it!
    Love ya,
    Stephanie and Emily 😉

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