~ My new toy – Epson Stylus Photo RX680!

What a good hubby I have!  My hubby ventured out in “Storm Hanna”, through pouring rain and dangerous driving conditions, multiple store locations, and bought a new printer today.  It was on a really good sale, too (just $90 at Staples, normally $169.99).  I’ve been eyeballing this printer since February!  I can’t wait to play with it and see what it can do.  About the only thing I can see would be a problem with it is the multitude of ink cartridges (it has 6 different ones).  Well, we’ll see…!


5 thoughts on “~ My new toy – Epson Stylus Photo RX680!

  1. Lea your gonna love it – i got just the printer one from staples ( not the all in one ,)- 6 colours but wow the pictures are fantastic !
    Your flowers that you take pictures of will look so real you could almost smell them !

    happy playing with it , you lucky girl !

  2. hey. nice printer. 🙂 i love Epson printers – although my hubby got a 3-in-1 printer for us because he needs the copier+scanner for work, the printer is pretty great. love how vibrant the colors are and, as long as you use quality photo paper, the prints are wonderful (i think Epson even guarantees that the prints would last for decades depending on the type of ink used) + the cartridges are so inexpensive unlike HP or Canon inks.

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