~ Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Yesterday we got to experience (in a very small part) what it was like to live in 1771 in young America.  We visited the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, a living history farm where volunteers dress in period costume and perform the chores of that day as if they lived there.  That was some hard living!  Little did my kids know that they would be helping to hoe the fields and split wood.  (hee hee!)  It was all in fun and the family learned what it was like to have to eak out a living with their own two hands all hours of the day.  The farm is located, strangely, next door to the Cental Intelligence Agency compound in McLean, VA.  Yeah, isn’t that weird?



Still plenty of late summer flowers to snap pictures of, too!  

P.S.  Just 8 more days until the BIA DT is announced.  Oh, the pins and needles as I wait for another week.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed! =)


5 thoughts on “~ Claude Moore Colonial Farm

  1. Oh my goodness Lea, I was just thinking the same thing about the BIA contest. I cannot what to hear that you made the design team!!!

  2. great photos lea! hey did you know that is called a froe and a mallet and is still used today to handsplit cedar roofing shakes!! we use them in our business from time to time for restoration projects!!

  3. Hello Lea thanks for your comment ? very beautiful photos ou your blog,

    I hope for you a good week end and happy to see you another time

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