~ You’re So Corny!

Guess what I got today in the mail from Fiskateer Nikki — a brand new Halloween squeeze punch that I named way back at the beginning of the summer.  I totally forgot about it and didn’t know until today that the name I submitted was chosen for the punch.  So, if you’re out there at the local scrapbook store and see the punch below, please think of me!  Happy (early) Halloween! =)

Fiskateer Wendy Jo’s posting about the new punches and who named them from July 15:  http://www.fiskateers.com/blog/2008/07/15/another-sneak-the-fiskateers-who-helped-name-them/

P.S.  My brother went in for his cancer surgery just a couple of hours ago.  I’m hoping to hear from my parents or my sis-in-law regarding his progress.  I spoke with him last night and he seemed in good spirits.  I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks all for your prayers and well-wishes.  I will pass them on to Jimmy when I speak to him soon.


9 thoughts on “~ You’re So Corny!

  1. Congrats Lea! Super cute name, and if I see this punch I will buy it, just because I know who named it.

    Plus I do know you will make something really cute with this new punch.

    May everything turn out well with your brother. I will say a little prayer for him tonight. Hugs!

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