~ Lisa Falduto’s Cosmo Cricket Haunted House Project

Just finished Lisa’s project.  I admit, I’m a bad student–hee hee!  I didn’t follow her class instructions to the letter.  I kinda eyeballed the instructions and photos and did my own thing for a portion of the project.  Overall, it was fun and I’d love to do another one of her classes (hint hint, Lisa!)  If you want to get in on the class, contact Lisa and she’ll steer you right. =) 


P.S.  Please come by my blog tomorrow night for a big announcement!  I’ve been keeping a really big secret the last couple of days and was sworn to secrecy until tomorrow.  Really hard for me to hold this one but I must, so come by tomorrow for the reveal!


10 thoughts on “~ Lisa Falduto’s Cosmo Cricket Haunted House Project

  1. Hey Lea!

    YOu did a fantastic job on this project and I am thrilled to see that you changed it up! That is what I love to see….that people do their own thing when they take one of my classes! That is how I get inspired to try new things by learning from others………………


  2. I love your mini album. I just got one of these and was looking for inspiration. Thank I love it. I will have to stop by tomorrow cause now I want to see what your big secret is!

  3. This is really adorable! Love the pages and how whimsical. I have to go with you on not following directions to the “T”. I am eyeballer as well. 🙂 Must be a VA thing? LOL!

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