~ Maryland Renaissance Festival

{My absolute fave photo today–peacock feathers in the sunlight.}

Oh how we love the Renfest in Crownsville, Maryland.  Today was Octoberfest and there were a lot of strange and surly characters in force today!  The family braved braided hair and henna tattoos as I captured it all on digital. =)  I took a lot of random images along with many of the family.  Here are a few of my faves along with a slideshow of a whole lot more.  Tomorrow’s topic of photography:  pumpkins and the corn maze in The Plains, Virginia.

{Miranda and Jacob with King Henry VIII}

{Brian as a tragic Shakespearean protagonist.  Goofy, why didn’t you take off the ballcap?}

{another self-portrait}

Hope you had a great World Cardmaking Day – October 4!


6 thoughts on “~ Maryland Renaissance Festival

  1. Don’t you love a good Ren. Fest.! They are such eye candy for the camera, and it’s amazing how many people participate in these. I just go to have Scottish eggs & see the little shows. Also to see the people walking around. hee hee

    Super photos!!

  2. Love the peacock feather photo. It’s interesting that you really don’t get a sense of the size since it’s so close up. It almost looks like the size of a person.

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