~ Colonial Market Fair

We went back to the Claude Moore (1700’s Pre-Revolutionary War) Farm to attend the Market Fair.  It was a very cute event with costumed volunteers and activities of that time period. 

So, now I know what a chandler is (candlemaker)!  I was looking for a cooper (barrel maker) but didn’t see one but there were plenty of others – potter, milliner, toymaker, silversmith, cooks, musicians and even a roving fortune teller.  (So, yes, I had my fortune told!) 

Though there was food prepared there the way the colonists did hundreds of years ago for sale, I thought it was best not to risk salmonella, eColi (or worse!)  It was a great place to take pictures of people, animals, fall harvest and the kids.

Tomorrow I promise to make/post something more crafty. =)


4 thoughts on “~ Colonial Market Fair

  1. Hi Lea,

    Sounds like you and your family had a lot of fun! You’ll have to tell me where this was! Thanks for sharing!

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