~ Cosmo Cricket Candy Tin & sweet treats


{before & after}

I promised something crafty this weekend.  Here is the first of two projects I planned to do today–a decorated repurposed former waffle/pancake mix tin.  I had a lot of Cosmo Cricket Haunted line, so I thought I would use it in this easy craft.  I plan to fill the tin with candy and send it with my hubby to his office.

I’m also taking this lazy Sunday to make some sweet treats — here is a batch of chocolate-covered strawberries waiting to harden.  I also have an acorn squash cobbler baking in the oven.  I couldn’t find any canned pumpkin (which is what the cobbler called for) so I roasted several acorn squash and substitued in the recipe.  On second thought, why didn’t I just roast some pumpkin?  It isn’t like I didn’t have several of them in my kitchen.  (doh!)  Hmmmm…it is smelling pretty good in the kitchen but the proof will be in the tasting.  More to follow on the cobbler…

I’m so inspired from our colonial farm market visit yesterday that I plan to make pork chops, roasted potatoes with garlic and asparagus.  This should make a great meal topped off with the acorn squash cobber.  What do you think?

Stuff:  patterned paper, blackboard shapes, stickers – Cosmo Cricket; ink and ribbon – Stampin’ Up!


22 thoughts on “~ Cosmo Cricket Candy Tin & sweet treats

  1. Hi Lea, this is my first time here and I love your projects. I’ll visit you again. Thank you for sharing all your work. Regards from sunny Spain. M.Carmen

  2. This is really cute. I’ve been using a lot of this Cosmo Cricket Halloween paper as well, it’s so fun! You do the best altered projects.

  3. Ok lea thats it ! im comming to live with you then i can have fab days out – eat a yummy dinner – stuff my belly with your gorgeous strawberrys and chocolate -and when ive scoffed the lot we could sit and alter the biscuit jar that we managed to empty the night before ! heheee

    you have to much fun and yummys in your life girl ——- you need to share ……… with me ! lol

    great tin lea !
    love and hugs

  4. Sounds & looks like lots of good cooking going on in your kitchen. Yum! I wish I had that much motivation to cook up some tasty treats.

    Cute tin! I love the Cosmo Cricket Halloween line.

    I hope all is well with you & the family. The previous post looks like you had a lot of fun, very seasonal trip, makes for great photos.

  5. Hey, guess what ! I did an altered tin similar to yours, although longer and took pics to show step by step. Just some time and I will do a post about it.
    Yours is very cute.

  6. Wow Lea! Those chocolate strawberries are just waiting to be tested by my good self! 🙂

    Your tins are great as usual, sorry…can’t stop looking at those strawberries!!!

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