~ Two Queens at a Costumed Crop at the LSS

Sounds like a really bad movie title, huh?  Like a cross between Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Night at the Roxbury.

Here are a few pictures from the crop I went to tonight at Goldenshills Papercrafts.  I was the Evil Queen from Snow White and my daughter was the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.  I didn’t actually crop. I went to shop, socialize, pick up more loot for my Bind-it-All deadlines, and show and tell my latest projects.  I had a horribly swollen, sore throat and an earache but I didn’t let anyone know I was under the weather–I just wanted so badly to dress-up in costume!  Ronnie (the witch to the right in the photos above and below) is the store owner and great lady!  

{door prizes, make-n-takes, games and birthday cake for everyone in the crop room}

{Time to go home with our new loot.   Ack–my crown thingie is crooked and my glasses are off-kilter.  Oh well, chalk it up to being sick}

Come back and visit tomorrow.  I’ll have all three of my November Bind-it-All projects, including one with a PDF of directions and measurements.


6 thoughts on “~ Two Queens at a Costumed Crop at the LSS

  1. Hi Lea, You sure hid, your not feeling well, last night. You looked beautiful as did your daughter. I loved your mini books. They are beautiful.

    Feel better soon

  2. Love the costumes! You look Fabulous!

    Be careful about the not feeling well. I just had a sinus infection and didn’t see the Doc. for a week. Don’t be like me.

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