~ Gobbler Goody Bags


I found the cutest little turkey placecard kits at Target a while back but decided to use them as Thanksgiving decorations in my son’s goody bags for school.  The kits are made by K&Company (marketed at Target with their Marcella brand name).  I assembled the turkeys without the feet, covered the holes where the feet were supposed to be with leaves (–looks like I was trying to protect the modesty of the turkeys–hee hee).  I added these gobblers with mini M&M packs to cellophane bags and topped with a ribbon.  So easy! 



Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, all!

Stuff:  turkey placecards – K & Company; ribbon – Costco; cel bags

P.S. – Happy Belated Birthday to my nephew, Alex.  Happy Birthday, 4 year old – November 21

P.S.S. – Happy Birthday to Nancy Richardson – November 23 



8 thoughts on “~ Gobbler Goody Bags

  1. Can I get one of those goody bags? They are so lovely. Hmmm… Maybe we should pop by for your thanksgiving dinner uninvited? Hehehe. Take care! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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