~ December BIA Project #2 – Hershey


Please go to the Zutter Zisters site for all of the Design Team projects.  Material listings and brief directions will be posted to the individual galleries shortly – http://www.zutterzisters.com   

hershey-bia-022{Series of photos showing inner pockets flipped in sequence.  Click on each picture below for more details.}

Pockets to the righthershey-bia-014

First pocket moved to the left


Both pockets on the left


 Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends and family!  Have a great weekend to my international friends and family!



5 thoughts on “~ December BIA Project #2 – Hershey

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    I love the latest uploaded you have done, the album are so well done. I need that Ren. Fest. one. LOL I have this years “ren” picture needing a home. hee hee

    Very cute table setting too, with your find at target. very creative.

  2. what all would I need to purchase in order to use a zutter. Are there two main tools you need to do it? beautiful work by the way!

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