~ Happy Thanksgiving!


This year we were treated to an apple pie dessert made by my 10 year old, Jacob.  See pic below for the tasty outcome of his labor. =)  Mashed potatoes and stuffing were made by my 14 year old, Miranda.  Hubby didn’t cook but did end up with all of the dishes! (hee hee!)  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Hope you have a great day off with your family and friends, fun and food! 



7 thoughts on “~ Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy thanksgiving to you lea my friend xxx
    ohhhhh and my mouth is just watering ……… xxxx
    didnt your kids do a brilliant job of the food – wow – im lucky if i can get my 18 year old to wash up !
    nice to see them helping mum out lea xxx
    enjoy your holiday !
    (sniff sniff – we dont have that one over here !)


  2. Hello from New York. Your food looks really great. I have more pictures to put up as far as what we had here for Thanksgiving. I have the turkey up though!

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