~ 2009 Calendar Month JPEGs

It is a great time to make calendars for 2009. I took an Excel-based calendar and turned each month into JPEGs and now I’m sharing them with you. The one downfall of these months is that U.S. Federal holidays are highlighted in red. It works for me but it may not work for you if you don’t live in the U.S. or don’t care about our Federal holidays. If you would like a copy of the Excel file (so that you can highlight whatever days you want for your holidays or special days and then turn those into JPEGs), email me or leave a message on this post telling me that you want the Excel file.

 Click on each thumbnail for a larger graphic, right-click and save to your computer. 













21 thoughts on “~ 2009 Calendar Month JPEGs

  1. Lea, you are a lifesaver! I am making calendars for my sisters but am totally inept at excel. Thank you so much for sharing the file so I can customize it!!!! Bless you!

  2. A fantastic job; thanks Lea for sharing. If possible I would like a copy fo the excel file so that I can use it to personalize the calendars for various uses.

  3. These are awesome! Please send the calendar Excel files. Oh my– what wonderful times await–gifts galore! Thanks

  4. I’ve been looking everywhere for a calendar… LOL… Please send me the the Excel files. Thank you so very much – and Happy New Year!

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