~ What I did during Christmas vacation and Blogversary RAK


It’s been a great 10 days but alas, I return home tomorrow. I’m kinda glad though. Need to take a vacation from my vacation, if you know what I mean. Need to get back to my real life.  So, what did I do during my visit with my parents? Ate, cooked, ate, cooked, ate and in between that, I made a quick on-the-fly scrapbook for my parents without the benefit of all of my own materials and tools, just what I was able to scrounge up (toolwise) from my brother and a few buttons, some lace and a couple of punches I bought from Wal-Mart and Target specifically for the job. 

The base pages in the scrapbook were something I made several years ago. My parents had it on their coffee table–empty. So, I took that and slapped the pictures and embellishments into it. Not bad for one day’s work.  There is a bit of yellow tinge in the copies of the layouts that I made due to taking photos of them indoors.  (My parents’  butter-yellow walls reflected a weird light.)

Stuff:  Daisy D’s – paper collection, stickers, rub-ons; Bazzill – cardstock; Stampin’ Up! – ribbon; buttons, lace 


vf-twilightOn a non-scrappy note, I ended up watching Twilight again (twice) at the movie theater first with my sis-in-law, daughter and niece and then second with my hubby.  And as if that wasn’t enough, I watched it albeit “bootleg” via an online link a (ah-hem) covert source provided to me another two times just last night!  Thanks, Carolyn! 

Alrighty, down to business–just two weeks until my one year Blogversary.  Post a comment anywhere on my blog for a chance to receive a RAK.  I’ll take comments for the RAK until January 15, so post to your heart’s content.  I will announce the winner on Inauguration Day. =)


27 thoughts on “~ What I did during Christmas vacation and Blogversary RAK

  1. I always come check your blog out I love your work and the talent you present for us to share. . . Happy one year does that not seem like it went by really fast.

  2. What a great job you did without all the essentials you are used to working with!!! I’m sure your parents loved it. Sounds like a typical parents visit. Cook, eat, cook, eat!!! Happy one year blogversary!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Blogversary!! Glad that you had a fun time for the holidays. My dd and i went to see Twilight at the movies when it first came out. i think i liked it better than the book.

  4. First time visitor to your blog. Found it very interesting and some great ideas with your calendars. Will be dropping by again. thanks

  5. Oooh, impressing minibook despite of your lack of your gadget & supplies! I’m wishin you & your family a blessed New Year Lea! Big hugs to you.

  6. You have a very interesting blog..love the fact that U can take anything and make it look so beautiful on paper..such talent. I’m always come away inspired when I visit your blog!!

  7. I love visiting your blog and you always have the neatest little mini books. Such inspiration and wonderful things always to admire! You do an awesome job!

  8. Love your work. You’re so generous with your oodles of goodies on each page. My resolution for the year: don’t skimp on product on the LO. I’ll love “having it” just as much when I see it on the page, right?

    Congrats on the upcoming blogiversary.

  9. Hey Lea,

    What amazing L/O and projects you have on here! Doesn’t shock me since you are SOOO talented and amazing. BTW I am hooked on Twilight TOO!!! hehehe..Hope 2009 brings you TONS of exicting projects and health & Happiness of course so you can complete those projects 🙂

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