~ Random Photos Sunday


Feeling lazy today but I was able to take pictures of my February projects for BIA.  No teasers here today, I’ll post them on my site at the end of January (sorry!).  So, here are a few random photos I took — photos from inside the plane (Las Vegas, Lake Powell), and the first night home during a black-out due to high winds (flickering candle, kids playing their DSs in the dark–you can’t tell because I used my big flash for the photo), and the morning after (strawberries dipped in chocolate)

2009-010 2009-024 

2009-029 2009-048 

Twilight watch count as of this morning – 10.  I’m sooo hooked!  I think I’ll search for the Twilight trading cards today and make a little book of them! =)  We shall see…



7 thoughts on “~ Random Photos Sunday

  1. Happy New Year Lea! Can you believe I haven’t read Twilight yet? I bought the book on Friday for my older daughter. It’s sitting there calling my name, but I’ve been avoiding purchasing it even for so long because I don’t want to get sucked into anything new 🙂

  2. happy new year, lea. 🙂

    those are cool pictures. {yummy strawberries too}

    isn’t twilight just the best story? love it too. 🙂

  3. Lea, happy belated blogversary!! I remember you asking about blogs at Scrapafaire and now you have a beautiful one. Your work is so gorgeous.

  4. Hi Lea!

    Long time, no “see”!!! I was so fortunate to get your blog address/URL via the old SAF Yahoo group who has started sending daily emails again. We were all talking about how talented you are and how we’ve seen your work everywhere!!!! You, my dear, are a scrappin’ Diva, for sure!!!!!!

    I just love your work! I have you bookmarked AGAIN! I lost some of my bookmarks after reformatting my computer. I thought I backed up all my faves, but apparently not!

    i hope you’re doing so very well. I really miss talking to you. gosh, I sure how you remember who I am! HAHAH! How silly would I feel if you didn’t!!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I am off to go check out the rest of your blog!

    I LOOOOOVE Twilight! I think it’s a huge craze and I am so glad I jumped in on the bandwagon because the books are spectacular. Not sure about seeing the movie yet. I heard it’s good, but not near as good as the book….. I think I’ll just have to see for myself!

    take care and I look forward to chatting w/ you soon!


  5. I want some of those strawberries… dipped in chocolate, of course!!

    Love your work, you have a fantastic eye for colour!!

    Happy New Year to You and Yours!!

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