~ My One Year Blog Anniversary

christmas-picture-2008Wow!  I didn’t think I’d ever be so involved in a blog.  I’m glad I did it though!  It helped me to share my creativity with others in such a global way.  As of today, I have 33,366 hits with over 100 countries/territories.  It has also helped me to build relationships with crafters all over the world.  All I can say is “Wow!  Thanks, family and friends for coming to my little corner of the web and checking out my photos and papercrafts!”

I’ll catch you all again in February after I heal from my Thursday surgery (read about it in the post below this one) and I’ll announce my blog RAK winner next week (read about it a few posts below this one).twilightpic29

Random picture for today – a picture of my kids and my two brothers’ kids that we took over the holidays.  Kids grow up so quickly!

Thanks again, all!

xoxo — Lea

P.S.  Twilight count as of today – 15 (hee hee)


14 thoughts on “~ My One Year Blog Anniversary

  1. congrats on the anniversary of your blog! I’ve always admired all your sneak peaks on Fiskateers! My blog is just over 1 week old and I do love it too!

  2. Em’s seen Twilight once and hoping to get me there on MLK day. Love the picture of the kids. Great smiles and I love all the red tops with the black hair. So striking! What a great pic for the family! Oh, and happy anniversary on your blog!! 😉

  3. I’ll keep you in my prayers Lea for quick recovery and clean cells! Happy anniversary on your blog, and thank you for sharing your talent with so many people!

  4. Lea you are in my prayers! I will be praying for a fast recovery and that your test results come back NO CANCER!!! Hugs to your family who I am sure are very stressed seeing you go through this. Be well!!

  5. Okay, I believe I have read that the Twilight DVD movie is going to be released in March. Yes, I will own my own copy of it. LOL

    Hope you are recovering nicely. Oh and I am so glad you started this blog. hee hee

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Hope you are doing well and recovering quickly. Praying for you and sending good vibes along the way..


    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

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