~ Benign! (and another Teaser)


Thanks again, all, for all of your well-wishes!  I found out earlier this week that the mass was benign!  Woo-hoo =)  Now I can concentrate on healing from the surgery and getting back to crafting.  Here is another sneak peek for an upcoming March project to be posted on the Zutter Zister site.  I’ll make a proper project this weekend and share with you on my blog.


n8526405673_1300101_3494Ah, yes, before I forget — Twilight count as of today:  18!  I can’t wait for the DVD to come out!  Check back with me in a few, I plan to make Team Edward and Team Jacob minibooks. =)  Whose team are you rooting for?

Stuff:  Autumn Leaves – patterned paper, ribbon, chipboard, flowers; Teresa Collins – covers; Zutter/Bind-it-All – o-wire; Stampin’ Up! – ink, ribbon; eFavor – ribbon; Adirondack – paint


5 thoughts on “~ Benign! (and another Teaser)

  1. glad to hear the good news Lea. 🙂 can i be on both teams? hihihi. started to love jacob in breaking dawn but of course, first love will always be edward. hihi.

    can i borrow the picture of bella and edward? it is such a sweet picture. plan to scrap it {and post on my blog}.

    thanks and God bless. prayers for your swift recovery.

  2. I am so happy for your happy news. I am sure you are filled with relief.

    18 times, huh? LOL I betcha ya you hold the Twilight watching record. But, like you, I cannot wait until the DVD is released, I will be at the store first thing in the morning picking up my copy.

    Oh, and I will be rooting for team Edward.

  3. You must be so very relieved Lea ! i am so pleased for you xxxxxx what a good start to the new year eh ?

    well done for going through the agony of it all xxxxxxx hugs to ya girl !

    and what a fabby looking teaser !

    maddy …

    p.s pop by my blog Lea – calvin mouse has had a surprise – it will make you giggle ! lol

  4. So happy to hear about your good news. Take good care. I’m in the middle of reading the 3rd Twilight book right now. Well, almost at the end actuall. Love all your projects as always. You’re super talented, it’s not fair!

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