~ Back from the Family Photo Shoot


Aaack! (That was my reaction having to review almost 30 photos at Picture People today.)  Yowz, pictures are expensive (when someone else takes them!)  Here are a couple of the family photos from today.  Maybe I’ll make a charm bracelet (like the Twilight one below) for me later. =)  On second thought, that would be a great Mother’s Day present for my and Brian’s moms.  Hmmm…if only 7Gypsies still made the bracelets and charms.  That’s the trick–finding a vendor who still has them in stock.



5 thoughts on “~ Back from the Family Photo Shoot

  1. Those are great pictures! Wanted to let you know I got my box today! Everyone I showed it too loved it as much as I do! Thanks!

  2. Your shoot was a success and your family is lovely! Hope it was fun for all of you. I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain instructions for the CC haunted house project. Can you believe I am just getting around to Halloween scrapbooking?!?!? If you could be of any assistance, I would appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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