~ Treat Boxes, Card Class and Flowers (oh my…)

Wow!  What a busy day it was today, full of fun moments in between meetings, conference calls, emails, etc. 


First thing this morning, I feverishly finished putting bows on the treat boxes I made the night before and delivered them to my co-workers’ cubbies.  I made each of the boxes from scratch and filled them with lollipops and chocolate. 


At lunchtime, I taught my first Fiskars class of the year.  Heavy emphasis on border punches, we made Valentine’s cards.  Thanks to my co-workers – Linda, Janet, Danielle, Intern Mildred, John and Yoram for joining the class today!

When I got home, hubby was out running errands.  Little did I know he was out buying me flowers for Valentine’s Day.  OMG!  Do you know how long it has been since he’s given me flowers?  Like since before we were married!  What a nice surprise.  Thank  you, Brian–you’re the best!  (hee hee)  I’ll post another picture when the lilies are in full bloom.



6 thoughts on “~ Treat Boxes, Card Class and Flowers (oh my…)

  1. Very impressed with the boxes. You seem to have a lot of fun at work! Your co workers must have been thrilled to get those treat boxes.

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