~ March BIA Project #1 – Bliss

Oh, I almost forgot!  I, along with my other Bind-it-All Design Team sisters, was offered an extension on the design team commitment for six months–HOORAY!  Our commitment ran from October to March but now we will be able to finish out the year.  If you are an avid fan of the Bind-it-All, consider applying for the next design team.  Stay tuned to the Bind-it-All and ZutterZisters blogs for more information.



Please go to the Zutter Zisters site for all of the Design Team projects.  Material listings will be posted to the individual galleries shortly – http://www.zutterzisters.com 





12 thoughts on “~ March BIA Project #1 – Bliss

  1. Your albums kill me, they are so AWESOME!

    But you know I must talk about the Twilight one, girl you did it perfect, love the pp you used, and the beads are a special touch to it.
    I have never seen the bandages, how cool are those. I don’t know if our Hot Topic is having a party or not. I just looked at my card. I forgot to go register as a new member, and then maybe I would get “news” notices. LOL

    Hope all is well with you, keep those albums coming, maybe someday I will create again.

  2. Wow Lea, that album just couldn’t get any brighter could it?!!! Definately a nice change from all the vintage stuff on the net.

    Stunning as usual. 🙂

  3. luv the bright colors and the lace on this project………but all your projects totally rock!

  4. congrats, lea! but you know what, I think you rock BIA so it is a well-deserved gig extension 😉

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