~ March BIA Project #2 – Poppies & Daisies




Please go to the Zutter Zisters site for all of the Design Team projects.  Material listings will be posted to the individual galleries shortly – http://www.zutterzisters.com 




3 thoughts on “~ March BIA Project #2 – Poppies & Daisies

  1. Too cool Leah-the designer of the Autumn Leaves collection is Kezia Whitteker. I of course adore it- she and her husband Paul were my beloved (but now defunct) Tinkering Ink.

  2. Lea- I love all of these projects. You are an AWESOME designer. I think this is the first time I’ve been to your site and I found it from Zutters. Love what you do. You make me laugh over Twilight. You and my daughter make a pair along with thousands of others or is it in the millions worldwide.. Its quite a phenomonon. I don’t have a blog as yet. One of these days I just might get one. Thanks for all your great work. You now have a new fan. NJ

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