~ Hot Topic Twilight Party (and the guilty pleasure of owning multiples of the DVD)


Boy am I tired puppy today. Took my two kiddies to the Twilight party last night at 10 and didn’t get to bed until after 1:30. There was plenty of time to frolic and take lots of random pictures before they distributed the movie at midnight.

Glutton for punishment I am.  I woke up early to get to the Target to pick up the 3-DVD Twilight set (of course, with kids in tow). Hubby ordered the Borders version for me and I ordered the Costco Ultimate Collector’s version, both coming in the mail. I also downloaded the iTunes version when I got home from shopping today. What a Twilight-filled 24 hours! Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why so many?” I’ll tell you, each comes with different extras. Hot Topic’s has an actual film cel in their DVD. Borders has special glimmery cards. Target’s is a 3-DVD set. Costco’s has a jewelry box, bracelet, watch, bookmark, soundtrack and the DVD.  I’m stimulating the economy all by myself!  Makes me wonder how they’ll hook me for New Moon. Well, that’s another story for another day!


4 thoughts on “~ Hot Topic Twilight Party (and the guilty pleasure of owning multiples of the DVD)

  1. Okay you have fabulous pictures, I think I took some crappy ones. LOL Like you and boy Ben, we had a cutie worker running around and doing the Trivia contest with his glitter on his face. LOL Plus they were labeling people with either Team Edward or Team Jacob on their cheeks with a dusting of glitter. I didn’t op for that one. But showed total support for Team Edward. I’m entered into a drawing for an autograph picture of Jacob and the 2nd prize is a life size cut- out of Edward. That cut out would be cut in my craft room. LOL Overall it was fun. They did do a dress up/prom theme contest. There was some cute outfits.
    Now I need to know how the Target 3 disc dvd is? I didn’t know they had a 3 disc one. Oh and Walmart had the t-shirts for only $10. I would’ve gotten a Team Edward’s one, but I gave the one I had in my hands to a girl who needed the size I had, it was the last one. I think of it as my good deed of the day.
    On a final note…..I am dubbing you the Queen of Twilight. I do have to say the person I went with won the trivia contest, so she got an official Cullen family crest patch. I also know that if you ask me what the name of the restaurant Belle & Edward ate at, I still wouldn’t be able to answer it. LOL

    Now, sending you ton of good vibes for a successful surgery. I know it will be and you will be crafting quickly afterwards.

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