~ April BIA Project #1 – Unforgettable

04/01/09 7:16 a.m. — Surgery update — I’m home.  The gallbladder surgery went well-laparoscopic, not open (yay).  I’m a bit sore and stiff, I have this horrible headache (maybe from the anesthesia), and a sore throat (from the tube that was put down my throat during the procedure) but this will work its way out in the next few days, I hope.  I was told that my gallbladder was indeed inflamed and the walls were thickened.  Thankfully the surgeon was able to remove my gallbladder without having to cut a large opening.  I’ll be pretty light online this week but hopefully I’ll be up to more projects this weekend. =)  OH!  One more thing–I have pictures from the surgery.  Yes, yes, how gross.  I might actually scrap them–NOT!




Please go to the Zutter Zisters site for all of the Design Team projects.  Material listings will be posted to the individual galleries shortly – http://www.zutterzisters.com 






9 thoughts on “~ April BIA Project #1 – Unforgettable

  1. Lea it’s so good to know that the surgery went well and they were able to use the laser to remove the gallbladder. Yea

    Now may you have a speedy recovery and do not over do it. Sit back and watch some Twilight. hee hee The mini book is adorable, love the paper you used. Oh and no thank you for the post surgery photos. LOL Now get better girlie!

  2. Hi Lea, the most important thing is the surgery went well, the others things is nothing ( headache, etc).
    I love this book as everything you do.
    I recieved my BIA, but by now I have no time to do something till after holidays…….
    I wait for it a lot of time I’ll wait a few days more….
    Kisses and hugs!!!

  3. Oh I am so glad the surgery went well and they didn’t have to open you up. Such good news Lea!

    Adorable project….you are so talented.

    Now rest and relax and let that body heal!

  4. You are incredible creator! Love your stuff and plan on learning from your greatness! hehe. Gallbladder! I am going for an ultrasound on Wednesday to see if it is the cause of severe pain on my right side. We’ll see, it was so cool to see you had blogged about it since I am going through issues myself. Hope you have a speedy recovery! hugs from nancy of Conroe, TX!

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