~ A Day at the National Art Museum

Placeholder 080

{This picture cracks me up.  They were waiting for me to catch up with them in the boring 15th century area of the museum.  How many pictures of Virgin Mary did that era produce?  Way too many!}

Today we ventured out, intending to go to one of the Smithsonians, we ended up at the National Art Museum.  It was nice to get out and see paintings and sculptures and it didn’t hurt that there was a large European collection as well as a Spanish food buffet offered at the cafe.  Yummy food.  I forgot to take pictures of it but it was oh-so-yummy!  I didn’t take too many pictures of the art itself but I did find cute fountains and flowers throughout that I stopped to snap photos of.

Placeholder 056Placeholder 094Placeholder 071

Placeholder 018Placeholder 117Placeholder 054

Walking around in Washington, D.C. is like walking around in Europe in some ways.  A lot of architectural details are similar to what I saw in Naples and Rome.


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