~ Show me the New Moon Poster Contest – Winner

There is a lot of fan-made art out there for the New Moon movie.  Here are the entries from the contest that closed yesterday.  Very Bella-centric but all of them are great!  Thanks to all who played along and sent me their fave poster links!


Contest-Michelle&Gra Contest-Jingle Contest-Jackie


Contest-Tracy Contest-Doverdi&Inkmemory Tanya Contest-Debby 


And the winner is:  Jingle with the entry shown below!  Jingle, email me with your mailing address!  Thanks, all, again for participating. =) 



4 thoughts on “~ Show me the New Moon Poster Contest – Winner

  1. Sorry to hear about the surgery – sending you speedy recovery vibes – and don’t miss any of those PT appointments.. their a must!

    Too bad your so far away. I’m seeing a surgeon on Wed to see when my gallbladder will be removed.. Not too happy here, were suppose to leave Thurs. for New York…

    Now what’s this about not making a dt involving Twilight projects? Are they nuts or what? You are queen of Twilight projects, these people must be blind or something, or really don’t know what a true Twilight fan is…

    Loving all the new projects you have shared on here. Hope your stock on supplies, while your recovering, it’s looks like you might have some time to get somethings done.

    Oh I love the family on the couch picture. It looks like something a professional would shoot.

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