~ Caprese & Twilight Board Game

Caprese & Twilight 0020001

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out in blogdom!  One of the dishes I prepared today for my darling hubby, Brian, was Caprese — mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, dressed with olive oil and salt.  This is a very easy dish I learned to make when I lived in Italy.  It is even better with buffalo mozzarella but that is hard to come by here.

My whole family knows what kind of obsessed Twilight fan I am.  Take a look at my latest Twilight score!  My son found it at the Barnes and Noble and promptly brought it to me.  I handed it off to my hubby who kinda eyeballed it with “that look” but he paid for it anyway!  hee hee

Caprese & Twilight 0130002


3 thoughts on “~ Caprese & Twilight Board Game

  1. oh wow lea, you are one unstoppable twilighter! nice score 😉

    hey, how do you know who in particular is your 50,000th visitor? I’m kinda WP-challenged 😦

  2. One. you are making me hungry…
    and two. can you believe I probably the last person on earth who has not read or see twilight?

    I’m hoping to score some combo pack around christmas cause i know I’m going to really love it!

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