~ Thank you, Cosmo Cricket!

CC& 0010001

Julie Comstock is truly a generous lady!  I made the Top 15 cut for the Cosmo Cricket Design Team but failed to place in the final team.  She sent me the nicest email letting me know that there wasn’t room for me this year on the team and then sent me these great CHA Summer goodies.  I found them waiting for me at my door when I got back from getting the staples taken out of my knee from the surgery a few weeks ago.  (Yeah, it was an owie!)  I look forward to making some great projects soon.

Now look what I found at Michael’s today–a new SEI line that you won’t find yet on the SEI site — Moravia.  I was totally surprised that the Michael’s had it in advance of the CHA show.  Now all I need to do is get my hands on some embellishments.  =)

 CC& 0100002


One thought on “~ Thank you, Cosmo Cricket!

  1. That was very nice of Cosmo Cricket, but I am sorry you didn’t make the team. I think your work is amazing and very creative. You inspire me, and I thank you for that.

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