~ Surprise Get-Well Wishes

Flowers 023Flowers 015

Flowers 047Flowers 037

How nice was that?  My hubby’s office sent me flowers to wish me a speedy recovery from my knee surgery.  What a great bunch of peeps!  They probably should have sent No-Doze and coffee to my hubby instead.  Brian has been a trooper shuttling me around to and from work and physical therapy, tending to my needs at home and hardly getting a wink of sleep because my constant whimpering from the pain at night keeps him awake.  Poor guy!   Here are a few shots I took as soon as I got them.  These are the same shots I used to make a thank you card to send them, too. =)


3 thoughts on “~ Surprise Get-Well Wishes

  1. O How beautiful I am sorry about your Knee I am way behind on everything..
    HUGS TO U>>>
    Hope U back up and back to yourself in no time..

  2. Hi Lea!

    Just checkin’ in to see what’s new by you. Sorry to hear about your knee surgery. I had knee surgery when I was 16 years old. Hurts like a b—-! So, get well SOON!

    I just finished another week of Scrapbook Camp… remember when I did it last year? Anyway, I came out alive… so I guess that’s good news.

    Keep well and feel good soon.

    -Hdar. :o)

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