~ Farewell Books

Wayne's Book 024

Mike's Farewell Book 013 

Two co-workers will be leaving their jobs soon to go to other locations, Wayne (leaving us to go to CNO) and Mike (leaving us to go to the Smithsonian).  Here are the two books I made for them.  Wayne’s I decorated with old drawings from one of his projects and Mike’s I decorated using some Smithsonian leaflets and other stuff I picked up from a few weeks ago.  Just picked up a new Dymo label maker.  It was perfect to add that little touch of office geekiness to each of these projects. =)

{Mike’s Book}

Mike's Farewell Book 003

Mike's Farewell Book 017Mike's Farewell Book 019

 Mike's Farewell Book 026Mike's Farewell Book 028

{Wayne’s Book}

Wayne's Book 009

Wayne's Book 027Wayne's Book 030

Wayne's Book 032Wayne's Book 034

 Wayne's Book 019

Wayne's Book 015


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