~ Photo Collage Holiday Cards

I was busy this weekend!  I finished 50 handmade photo cards.  Another 20 or so to go.  Usually we opt for a family newsletter each year but we decided we’d go with cards for a change, much less work (for my hubby anyway) than writing a whole newsletter of blah, blah, blah…

Twilight news – The family made a short stop at the mall today to drop of the “Team Paul” bracelet to one of our fave people at Hot Topic.  She gushed over the bracelet like it was the best thing she’s gotten.  I’m glad it made her happy! =)  See post below this one to see the bracelets I made this past week.  On the topic of Twilight-New Moon, my obsession has grown into viewing the movie 11 times now.  {{{Diehard Twi-fan.}}} 

Stuff:  PaperSource – cardstock; Making Memories – patterned paper, embellishments; Stampin’ Up! – ribbon


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