~ Morning at the Natural History Museum

We braved the cold, bitter wind this morning to seek some education at the Natural History Museum.  Very cool visit.  We meandered through most of the second floor –  a Korean exhibit, soils displays, nature photography, early man and then ended up at the main exhibit we came to visit – the forensic anthropology exhibit.  We spent quite a while going through a real case in the lab and came up with a conclusion that was very close to the solution. =)  The scientist in the lab was very informative and even showed us the skull of the person whose case we were trying to solve.  We all learned a lot today!  After the very bone-heavy forensics we entered a butterfly exhibit for something more whimsical.  Very hot and humid in the butterfly room but I got some great photos.  Alas, the elusive blue butterflies would not land long enough for me to photograph them or open up to show their blue colors.


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