~ My New Toy!

I’ve been eyeballing this camera since it was announced by Nikon a little while ago.  I’ve been patient all these weeks…until last night! 

I went out with my daughter and left the big and little guys at home to do a science experiment with one of Jacob’s classmates.  We stopped at the Penn Camera store first to ask if they had any of the Nikon Coolpix P100 cameras in stock.  Drat, we were told to leave our name and number and they’d call us when they got in.  Okay, dejected, I heavily considered whether to hold on to my “camera money” or spend it buying new spring, bright-colored, flowery clothes.  We did have a dreary snow-filled winter after all and I’m all about color therapy…uh…shopping therapy.  Decisions, decisions…hmmm…off to the clothes store we went!  No sooner were we in a clothes store, my phone rang.  It was the Penn Camera saying that they had the cameras in the back.  Woo-hoo!  I was there in 5 minutes. 

This camera has a great long telephoto range which will come in handy when I go to the Twilight Convention next month!  I know it is a shock to some of you that I don’t actually use a DSLR for my photos.  I’m anti-DSLR.  I like the convenience of point-and-shoot cameras and not having to burden myself with lots of lenses and a larger camera bag of stuff.  It works for me (for now!) 


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