~ FYE New Moon DVD Midnight Release Party

That was a mouthful, huh?  My daughter and I had a lot of fun last night at FYE in Fair Oaks.  The staff was really “up” for New Moon and made the event that much more memorable.  Though Miranda and I did not do very well with the crossword and wordsearch, we totally mopped up the trivia questions! =)  Both of us ended up with prize bags filled with movies, music, posters and calendars.  In addition to the movie, we purchased the Jacob and Edward figures (like the ones in the photo above) .   Here are a few shots from the party and of the loot we scored.



3 thoughts on “~ FYE New Moon DVD Midnight Release Party

  1. Look at those New Moon goodies! Isn’t this “crazy” so much fun .

    Love the new blog look, and look at that new camera. I’m a fan of nikon, and this camera looks like something I would like. I have a Kodak that is like this one, and I use it more then my Rebel. So I hope you enjoy your new “toy”.

    About your son’s field trip. I swear it was the scene from “breaking dawn” when their were about to battle in the field. hee hee I’m just saying.

    Please excuse my lack of blog hopping. I am so bad at it with this Facebook addiction I have.

  2. Des, for the New Moon FYE DVD Release, they asked more trivia on the movie than the books. I know the movies well and my daughter knows the books, so that worked for us. Have fun for Eclipse!

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