~ Weekend in New Jersey

We went on a little trip to New Jersey this weekend for Passover and to visit a really cool place, Grounds for Sculpture.  It was the first time since Catholic school that I participated in a Passover Seder, though it wasn’t the whole ceremony, just the part before the meal. =)  My hubby told me just as well, since the longer ceremony is after the meal. 

Here are a few photos from the sculpture garden. Click on each photo for a closer look.  I’ll post most of the photos on Flickr.  Link posted below.

{This looks like a painting but it isn’t!}


My kids each had a camera, too, one 35mm film camera and the other my older Nikon digital camera.  My son’s photos (digital) were pretty good for someone who is just learning.  I’ll have to wait for my daughter’s as she will have to develop her set at school.

{I caught each of my family members in the large mirror as they walked past it.}



2 thoughts on “~ Weekend in New Jersey

  1. I love the rope photo. At first glance I actually thought it was a bridge (it’s kinda like a photo people love taking at the Brooklyn Bridge.). The mirror photos are cool as well.

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