~ Back from the Twilight Convention

I had a fun, busy, lack-of-sleep weekend at the Arlington Twilight Convention.  Here are the photos from each of the three days:

Day 1

There is a photo of  a seated gentleman whose name is Jarret.  He was kind enough to take photos of our group on the first day of the convention.  There must have been a dozen cameras and he took two photos on each one.  I told him at the event that I would blog him. =)  The evening event was a karaoke concert and it lasted way past midnight.   

Day 2

The big event this day was the ball, and for me it was the centerpiece contest.  See additional photos at the bottom of me and the project.  Miranda was in seventh heaven.  This was the third picture she took with Kyle (AKA Jacob).  Everyone looked great dressed up and the lack of testosterone in the room was very obvious but we all had fun all the same! 

Day 3

Uggghh…I was so tired when I woke up for the last day of the convention.  After two very long days and late nights, it was really catching up with me.  We started the day with an early breakfast with four of the guests.  I will definitely go to another convention but I think I will do the VIP package next time. 

My impressions of the guests — Peter Facinelli is definitely an involved family man, Edi Gathegi and Justin Chon were funny, Kiowa Gordon was a little too laid back, Michael Welch can’t stay still to save his life and Tinsel Korey struck me as a strong woman who doesn’t put up with a lot of BS.  The Hillywood Show cast was great and they do an awesome job with the Twilight Saga parodies and hosting throughout the three days.  My impressions of the convention itself — there are a lot of lull times between events or guests, which for an impatient person like me, are hard to wait through.  Some of the staff were a bit abrasive but for this type of event, it is needed in some cases.  Adam, the man behind it all, was cool and appeared to really care about everyone’s enjoyment.

Twilight Convention Centerpiece Contest

I was the lucky one who won the centerpiece contest at the ball.  Here is a look at the completed project.



5 thoughts on “~ Back from the Twilight Convention

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  2. What was the gift certifacite for? That is so cool. I love all the pictures. Is that the only thing on your centerpiece?

  3. @The #1 Twilight Fan – The gift certificate was credit towards the convention store – All Summit Entertainment stuff. If you take a look at an older post below, you can see more pictures of the centerpiece. It was filled with pictures!

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