~ 100K RAK Winner & Chainmaille Jewelry

I’ve been extremely remiss in announcing the winner of the RAK in my previous post.  The winner is – Marianne – hooray!  Marianne, email me your address and I’ll send your books out this month.

I took a few weeks off from making my minibooks and started making chainmaille (or semblance of) after visiting the local bead shop, Off the Beading Path in Occoquan.  I totally fell in love with the dragonscale cuff they had on display for one of their classes.  Well, if you know me, you know that I don’t like to take classes so I did my own research and made a couple of them using online tutorials as well as a few other different weaves.  I purchased the colored jump rings from Blue Buddha Boutique, everything else from Michael’s.

{dragonscale – smaller all silver tone above; larger gold and silver tones below}

{3 in 2 above; helm chain below}

{4 in 1 with beads & double helm chain above; 2 in 2 with twists & 4 in 1 below}


{Captive Inverted Roundmaille with metal findings above; with Swarovski crystals below}


7 thoughts on “~ 100K RAK Winner & Chainmaille Jewelry

  1. Congratulations Marianne!!!

    WOW – these are such beautiful chains Lea and must have taken a lot of patience and dedication to complete!!!

  2. Thank you so much Lea! Those books are everything I could ask for! Very beautiful paper and most of all, so well done by you!

    Thank you so much!

  3. congrats Marrianne! I sooo wanted to win one of your mini books because they are really the best ones I have ever seen!!! I am intimidated to make one so I was hoping to have yours in my hand I could learn from it and finally make one. You are the MASTER!!! Happy for Marrianne though truly. NOW you are making these amazing pieces of jewelery?!? Your talent is unending!!! Do you sell on Etsy?

  4. Tracy – patience is right! The large dragonscale took a week to make (did it at night before going to bed). The little one took a few hours uninterrupted. This craft is so addictive! Darn you, chainmaille! (hee hee!)

    Marianne – I’ll prep your box this weekend. =)

    Kelly – I’ve never Etsy’d my stuff before. I’m might have to look into it. I make lots of books for my Zutter BIA deadlines and often don’t use the books, so last year I donated 26 of my projects to the elementary school for an auction. Now that my littlest is in Jr. High, I’ll have to look for another way to distribute my projects. If I Etsy, I’ll blog about it so everyone will now where to look. =)

  5. Oh my goodness! I was the very lucky winner of Lea’s RAK. It arrived today. I knew I was going to like the books, but I had no idea! These books are so beautiful – the pictures just don’t tell the whole story! Lea, you are one talented crafter! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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